What is a Social Security Disability Hearing Really Like?

October 17th, 2017 Social Security Disability

The social security disability process is a long and stressful one. Many who are going through this process are vulnerable and don’t know what to expect when placed in front of a Judge.

A question many have is, “What is a Social Security Disability hearing really like?”

A social security hearing for disability purposes is informal, lasting anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. The judge is simply asking questions themselves. There is not an attorney for the government objecting in the middle of questioning.

The judge will gather information either by listening to your representative who is asking questions or by asking the questions themselves.

Don’t let the thought of having to face a judge intimidate you. It is important to have an experienced team of Social Security Disability lawyers by your side to help ease you through the process.

There may be, as is the case for many adult disability hearings, a Vocational Expert available to testify about your past relevant work and answer questions the Judge or you may have. Hiring an experience disability attorney can help ensure that the proper questions are posed to that Expert based on your medical records and the limitations that you have. In some case, a Medical Expert may also appear, typically by phone, about the strength of your case, whether your medical condition meets one of Social Security’s ‘Listings’ and available to answer questions by the Judge. Having a skilled attorney, knowledgeable in Social Security law, can give you the right advantage by questioning the Medical Expert about your disability.

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My daughter suffers from severe Bi-Polar disorder and other forms of mental illness. She initially applied for disability and was rejected. Ms. Erika Riggs gathered significant supporting information to represent us in my daughter’s hearing and provided additional support as requested by the judge. In court, Erika fought hard to win my daughter’s case and I believe her extra effort on our behalf resulted in the judge understanding the truth in my daughter’s case and gaining her disability benefits that are sorely needed. Without Erika’s knowledge of the process, outstanding presentation to the judge and required supporting information for my daughter’s case, we would not have succeeded. Erika has always kept us informed of pertinent issues and has been totally responsive to any of our requests for information. Thank you Erika you did a great job!!!

- Dennis