We are always looking to recruit talented, compassionate people from diverse backgrounds and experiences to join our firm! We encourage a diverse and robust work environment to invoke quality discussions and superior solutions for our clients. After all, our clients come from different make-ups with uniquely different stories to tell. Each employee is supplied with individualized training and the tools necessary to promote personal growth and overall success.

Every day we strive to foster a culture that is accepting, dynamic, and empathetic.  Our clients are disabled and deserve the highest degree of service that we would be proud to deliver. Each client has a unique story with different needs that we must tend to with great care and attention from the very first phone call to the last. Our core values – service, communication, and ownership – drive us to be better and do better for our clients. Our team consists of Receptionists, File Clerks, Intake Administrators, Application Specialists, Intake Specialists, Records Managers, Case Managers, and Attorneys.

We want our employees to be happy and healthy, internally and externally.  To achieve this goal, we offer personalized feedback and programs based on the evolving needs of our employees. Some of our commonly praised programs include volunteer days, community clinics, high school scholarships, and weekly firm meetings where we give “shout outs” for recognition, share feel-good stories, and even play games for fun. Our camaraderie and community involvement help us cultivate our mission, creating a stronger and more dynamic team.

Social Security Attorneys:

Our attorneys are known for having the heart of a social worker with a passion for inspiring both clients and coworkers.  We represent disabled individuals before the Social Security Administration at varying levels that range from the initial application stage through appeals to the US District Court. Each attorney is responsible for managing their caseload working alongside their Case Manager and a strong support team with exclusive specialty based on the level of the case.

We promote a culture of learning and continual education as the founding blocks for sustained growth and success, both individually and collectively. We encourage participation in educational seminars and charitable events, including team and firm-wide activities. Many of our attorneys are involved in volunteer work including community free clinics, and some are even board members of our state bar association and local non-profit organizations.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to our clients which means regular meetings to review cases and strategy sessions aimed at developing ourselves and our systems. We see the big picture and can readily articulate and advocate for the personalized needs of our clients to achieve the best results possible. Disability benefits mean more than financial stability for our clients – it can mean keeping the heat on during Michigan’s cold winter months, protecting ones home from foreclosure, and more. This is why we do what we do, and why we choose to strictly specialize in helping the disabled every day.

Case Managers:

Case Managers manage our clients’ cases from start to finish.  Our case managers take great pride in the degree of client contact and case involvement they are able to experience each day. Each Case Manager works alongside a specific attorney to create a deeper sense of understanding and investment in each client’s unique situation. This position offers a great deal of independence, flexibility for personal styles, and responsibility over case files.

Daily activities vary depending on the needs of our clients, but regularly include: preparing and submitting medical documents; speaking with clients to address their case status, medical updates, and questions; and communicating with Disability Determination Services, Social Security Field Offices, and the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review to make sure the case is proceeding accordingly.  Case Managers keep their partnering attorney updated on any pertinent information regarding the client and their case. From phone conversations to medical record review and file preparation, each day offers a new experience that is both challenging and inspiring.

“I love that I get the chance to see a case through from beginning to end and have frequent interaction with the clients. I feel a great sense of fulfillment when my clients win their cases – not only has all of the hard work paid off, but my clients get to move on with their lives and focus on their health and their families.”

Records Manager:

Records Managers manage the client’s file development from beginning to end. Responsibilities typically include: ordering medical records; following-up on record requests; and scanning incoming reports. Phone call coverage and routing calls to their respective team, Case Manager, or Attorney, is also a critical component of this job.

Records Managers work alongside Case Managers and Attorneys to ensure fully developed files and excellent service for our clients. This position requires great attention to detail with strong organizational and communication skills.

Intake Administrators:

Intake Administrators create the files and process steps necessary to ensure proper case management for incoming clients. Great attention to detail is required to guarantee efficient and accurate processing of claims from clients at the initial application stage through appeals. This position involves extensive paperwork, computer-skills, and phone call management capabilities.

Intake Administrators scan incoming paperwork into corresponding electronic files and regularly review files for consistency. Communication with clients, Disability Determination Services, and Field Offices may also be necessary to track and confirm status of claims. Intake Administrators also communicate with Case Managers and Attorneys to promptly address any issue found in a file, ensuring excellent service for our clients.

Application Specialists:

Once a client retains our services to begin the disability process by filing their application, we take great care to ensure their claim is accurate and complete. Application Specialists take great pride in mastering the art of the application with substantial training and knowledge of the information needed for an award of benefits. First, a positive rapport is harvested with each client, allowing for an honest and open discussion about their conditions and limitations while answering any questions they may have. Follow-up and reminder phone calls are also regularly required.

Understanding and documenting any relevant issues and specific needs unique to each client, garnered during conversations, is a necessary tool for this position. Application Specialists work one-on-one with the client to obtain sufficient details required for a thorough and complete application. Regular client contact is therefore required with strong relatability and empathy.

“Completing the application for Social Security Disability can be both intimidating and a long process. As an Application Specialist, I use my knowledge and understanding of the Social Security system along with compassion and understanding to meet each of our client’s needs individually.”

Intake Specialists:

Empathy is one of our highest regarded and most important characteristics praised by our clients. Our Intake Specialists deal with a high-volume of incoming calls each day from disabled individuals with questions about the disability benefits’ process or looking to become a client. Each caller must be treated with the empathy, respect, and service that one would provide to family.

In addition to establishing a positive rapport with each client, Intake Specialists handle both incoming and outgoing calls as the initial point of contact with potential clients. Prompt response time and the ability to supply prospective clients with accurate information are critical components of this position. Every communication must be reflected in our database, outlining any pertinent details as well as the next course of action. This is a high-level position that demands organizational skills, attention to detail, and compassion while offering flexibility and competitive incentive programs.

“Working at Disability Attorneys of Michigan gives me the ability to truly help those in need. I feel such a sense of purpose knowing that the work I do helps to positively change someone’s life. You couldn’t ask for a better career.”


Our Receptionists are the first to greet each caller and direct them to the appropriate person who can help them best. Each Receptionist handles a high-volume of calls each day on our multi-line phone system. General office work may also be performed throughout the day when call volumes are less demanding, which may include scanning, data-entry, and filing. This position requires extensive multi-tasking abilities and the empathy to match.


Mail/File Clerk:

Our Mail or File clerks ensure the proper handling of each and every file by opening and scanning incoming mail, filing, and scanning closed files into our computer database. This job involves frequent standing with a strong attention to detail and organizational skills.