October 2017

The Social Security Disability Administration has Added Three New Compassionate Allowances Conditions

Social security forms, pen and a cell phone

The Social Security Administration put the Compassionate Allowance Program in place to properly identify claims where the applicant’s disease clearly meets the administrations standard of disability. Acting commissioner of Social Security, Nancy Berryhill, recently announced the addition of three new Compassionate Allowances conditions to the current list. These conditions include: Vanishing White Matter Disease Congenital…

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What is a Social Security Disability Hearing Really Like?

judge reviewing documents

The social security disability process is a long and stressful one. Many who are going through this process are vulnerable and don’t know what to expect when placed in front of a Judge. A question many have is, “What is a Social Security Disability hearing really like?” A social security hearing for disability purposes is…

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