Trusted Social Security Disability Attorneys in Michigan

People in Michigan, who are disabled and seeking federal disability benefits, need a trusted and understanding attorney. At the Disability Attorneys of Michigan™, we take pride in using our legal knowledge and skill to serve disabled people, and give our clients the best chance of obtaining the benefits they deserve.

Our social security disability attorneys in Michigan have over 100 years of combined legal experience, equipping them with unique insight and ability to guide clients through the complex process of obtaining disability benefits.

Our goal is to help you win the benefits that you need and deserve. We focus on claims involving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Our attorneys provide representation at all stages in the appeals process.

We pride ourselves on strictly specializing in federal disability law. Our Social Security Disability attorneys understand the intricacies and complexities of disability law and know what is needed to prepare a successful application or appeal for benefits. Working with a knowledgeable and dedicated attorney can improve your chances of obtaining the benefits you deserve.

We also refer Veterans Disability cases to reputable law firms that we believe are equipped with the experience and skills necessary to take on your disability benefits case. Our strong reputation in disability law, our previous experience in practicing Veterans Disability and the professional connections with highly skilled Veterans Disability lawyers we have forged throughout the years provide us with a unique advantage in referring cases to the most capable law firms.

How Our Disability Attorneys Can Help

If you are considering applying for disability, you can get a clearer understanding of which benefit program or programs may be right for you by consulting with an experienced, Michigan-based disability benefits attorney. If you’ve been denied, a skilled disability attorney can file an appeal and obtain necessary evidence while helping you understand each step of the process.

Social Security Disability Insurance is available to disabled individuals with a medically-recognized disability, who have earned enough work credits by contributing money to the Social Security system.

Supplemental Security Income is a program available to people with low income, people who have not earned enough work credits to qualify for SSDI, and even children, with a medically-recognized disability.

When you contact the Disability Attorneys of Michigan regarding a claim, there will always be a person available to attend to the details of your case. We can review medical records, answer your questions, and provide guidance catered to your specific case founded in our many years of experience and dedication to those in need. Your initial consultation is always free.

Many claimants are denied at the initial application stage because of incomplete or inaccurate applications and/or missing documentation. Our attorneys can make sure there are no unnecessary delays caused by these common mistakes. We know what Social Security is looking for in a disability benefits application and appeal in order to get approved.

Your attorney will communicate with you throughout the process, draft supportive forms for your treating doctors to complete, and follow-up on your case status. If an appeal is filed, your attorney will represent you at your hearing and prepare you for what to expect, obtain crucial evidence for your case, and advocate on your behalf throughout the disability process; this may include preparing legal memorandums, opening and closing arguments during court, cross-examination of vocational and/or medical experts, and other filings.

We understand how intimidating and confusing the disability process can be from the very beginning. Our team of Michigan social security disability attorneys are compassionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated to help; they will help you understand the process while allowing you to feel heard. We provide each of our clients with their own case manager who can also answer questions and provide status of the claim, working alongside your attorney.

Our attorneys even specialize in appeals before the U.S. District Court, which gives our clients an added advantage aimed at securing additional benefits that they deserve. Whether you are considering submitting an application, have already applied for disability benefits, or have been denied, our disability benefits lawyers are here to help.

Providing Personalized Legal Representation to Disabled People In Michigan

Many people we represent are in situations similar to yours. They are going through a tremendously difficult time in their lives and need someone who will take the time to listen to their concerns and offer reliable, personalized guidance. We are passionate and committed to understanding the individual needs of our clients and giving each person our full attention. In addition to providing high quality legal representation, our attorneys care. We offer help finding free and low-cost medical clinics, housing assistance programs, referrals to experienced attorneys for different legal matters, and other resources that can ease the process.

Our unique, comprehensive approach, individualized for each and every one of our clients, allows us to take ownership of any issue that may arise and communicate effectively while providing exceptional customer service. Even after your case is won, we are still here to discuss any questions, paperwork, or other issues that may come up after a decision and award. If we are unable to take your case, we will offer guidance that may help you overcome issues you are facing with support and care.

Service, ownership, and communication are our core values and we take them seriously. We are proud of the work we do and the results we deliver for our disabled clients. You can read comments from our former clients to gain insight on their experience with our firm.

Serving Disabled Veterans Who Served Our Nation

We respect the years of service that veterans have given our country and believe strongly that disabled veterans should receive the full disability benefits provided by a grateful nation. Many veterans do not realize that they may qualify for both Social Security Disability and veterans’ disability benefits.

Veterans’ disability compensation is a tax free benefit paid monthly to veterans diagnosed with injuries or diseases caused or aggravated by military service. With the Gulf War, the Iraq War and continuing military operations in Afghanistan, the number of applications for benefits has increased in recent years. According to the VA, about a third of veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan have submitted disability claims.

In order to obtain veterans’ disability benefits, you will need to have a disability rating decision from the Department of Veterans Affairs for your service-related condition(s). The VA must have evidence that your disability was a result of your military service. Veterans diagnosed with certain diseases and conditions are presumed to have a disability incurred or aggravated by their military service during a certain time period. Your disability rating (for example, 30 percent disabled) will be used to calculate the amount of disability benefits that you are eligible to receive. If you disagree with your disability rating or your condition has worsened, you may seek to have your rating reviewed.

Whether you were denied disability benefits, or disagree with the VA’s rating decision and believe that you deserve a higher disability rating, Disability Attorneys of Michigan can refer your case to a reputable law firm to help handle your appeal and guide you through the entire process.

Community Is Important To Us

We feel privileged to serve the disabled people of Michigan. We strive every day to earn the trust and respect of our clients by providing quality legal service. We understand the importance of taking ownership of a problem, whether it is an individual problem or a community problem, and working towards a resolution that will strengthen our communities. Stronger communities mean increased support for the disabled, making them a better place to live, work, and raise families.

Our clients need and deserve a strong support system within the community. That is why our attorneys and staff have always been actively engaged in community support programs and neighborhood improvement efforts. We regularly attend free clinics to provide legal guidance to those in need and to help connect disabled people and veterans with essential services.

We recognize the importance of our community and take pride in giving back to the Michigan communities we serve. When we are not practicing law, our attorneys and staff love to roll up their sleeves to clean-up community spaces, participate in fundraising efforts for our neighboring non-profits, volunteer at local soup kitchens, and more. We always enjoy “adopting” families for the holidays where we provide winter necessities and gifts, and have hosted clothing and toy drives to assist indigent children during the harsh Michigan winters.

Our law firm has proudly sponsored fundraising events for organizations such as Southwest Solutions, Detroit Central City, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, ALS of Michigan, Soles4Souls and many other charitable organizations.

From our service to our clients to our charitable efforts within our community and our scholarship, we feel that the best way to strength our community is through actions that reflect how much we care.