We are always looking to recruit talented, compassionate people from diverse backgrounds and experiences to join our firm! We encourage a diverse and robust work environment to invoke quality discussions and superior solutions for our clients. After all, our clients come from different make-ups with uniquely different stories to tell. Each employee is supplied with individualized training and the tools necessary to promote personal growth and overall success.

Every day we strive to foster a culture that is accepting, dynamic, and empathetic.  Our clients are disabled and deserve the highest degree of service that we would be proud to deliver. Each client has a unique story with different needs that we must tend to with great care and attention from the very first phone call to the last. Our core values – service, communication, and ownership – drive us to be better and do better for our clients. Our team consists of Receptionists, File Clerks, Intake Administrators, Application Specialists, Intake Specialists, Records Managers, Case Managers, and Attorneys.

We want our employees to be happy and healthy, internally and externally.  To achieve this goal, we offer personalized feedback and programs based on the evolving needs of our employees. Some of our commonly praised programs include volunteer days, community clinics, high school scholarships, and weekly firm meetings where we give “shout outs” for recognition, share feel-good stories, and even play games for fun. Our comradery and community involvement help us cultivate our mission, creating a stronger and more dynamic team.

If our mission rings true to you and you’d like to join our team, please check out the portal above to review job opportunities.

Couple in their 50's speaking with an attorney

Social Security Attorneys:

Our attorneys are known for having the heart of a social worker and a passion for inspiring clients.

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Intake professional on the phone with a client

Case Managers

Case Managers manage our clients’ cases from start to finish.

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Lawyer looking at client data records

Records Manager

Records Managers oversee the client's file development from beginning to end.

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Woman reviewing documents in files

Intake Administrators

Intake Administrators create the files and process steps necessary to ensure proper case management for incoming clients.

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Person filling out a social security disability benefits application form

Application Specialists

Application Specialists take great pride in ensuring a clients' claim is accurate and complete.

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Man wearing a headset, on the phone with a client

Intake Specialists

Our Intake Specialists deal with incoming calls every day and are the initial point of contact with potential clients.

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Woman receptionist wearing a headset, speaking with client


Our Receptionists are the first to greet each caller and direct them to the appropriate person who can help them best.

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Office professional reviewing documents

Mail/File Clerk

Our Mail or File clerks ensure the proper handling of all incoming mail, and each and every file.

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