March 2021

Date Last Insured: Everything You Need To Know And How It Affects Your SSD Claim

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If you’re considering applying for SSD benefits, it’s essential to know the date you are last insured. The “Date Last Insured” or DLI plays a vital role in determining eligibility for Social Security Disability benefits, but can be difficult to understand. What is The Date Last Insured? When the Social Security Administration refers to an…

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COVID-19 and Disability: How A Lawyer Can Improve Your Odds of Winning Benefits

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As the COVID-19 continues to spread around the nation, more and more operations remain to stay shutdown. On March 17th, 2020, the Social Security Administration (SSA) closed 1,200 field offices to protect their workers and the public. While the virus hit everyone hard, it is extremely difficult for those in the at-risk population group. With…

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