Are There Financial Resources to Help While Waiting For Social Security Disability Benefits?

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It can be stressful waiting for your Social Security Disability claim to be approved, especially if you’re the primary source of income in your household. It takes at least three months for the Social Security Administration (SSA) to approve or deny your claim, and months or even longer if you must file an appeal. Are financial resources available to help you while you wait? Fortunately, there are a few options for assistance for those waiting for Social Security Disability (SSDI) or SSI benefits.

Financial Help and Resources For the Disabled or Injured

Many individuals who file for SSD may need financial assistance from outside sources while their application is pending. Fortunately, the Social Security Administration will generally not consider these funds in deciding whether you qualify for benefits. However, it is important to consult with a skilled disability attorney about your financial options while waiting for benefits to ensure this will not hinder the process.

For those looking for financial assistance, here are possible sources of help that you should explore:

Department of Social Services. If you need financial assistance, one of the first places you should go to is your local Department of Social Services (DDS). Please speak with an Adult Services Social Worker, they can often point you in the right direction. They have information on government programs or not for profit programs you can seek help from while waiting for monthly benefits.

Public Assistance. Also known as Welfare, General Assistance, or Relief in some states. These programs pay a limited amount of benefits depending on your circumstance and living situation. The amount you get and how long you’ll receive benefits varies widely by state and county.

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). Operated by the US Department of Health and Human Services, the TANF program gives grant funds to states to provide families with financial assistance and related support services for a limited time. State-administered programs may include childcare assistance, job preparation, and work assistance.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)Food stamps are available for disabled individuals to supplement their food budget. There is a low asset limit, so you will be financially eligible for food stamps if you are financially eligible for SSI. You can apply for food stamps at your local Social Security office or online. You can find out if you’re eligible by going to the US Department of Agriculture website.

Charities. Disabled or injured individuals in need could research private charitable organizations that provide occasional assistance with rent, utilities, and other necessities. Often, charities offer assistance on a need-evaluation basis, but it’s worth looking into.

Churches and Religious Organizations. Suppose you are a member of a church or other religious group. In that case, you should contact them to see if they have any resources for members struggling financially. There may be other religious organizations in your community, such as the Salvation Army, that provides people in need with help for necessities, such as rent or mortgage, utilities, food, and clothes.

How to Speed Up the Social Security Benefits Application Process

Receiving legal help in the application process for disability benefits may increase your chances of having your disability claim be approved faster. An experienced disability attorney can help you complete your application correctly and provide the SSA with the information they require to accept your claim the first time around. An attorney can also file an immediate appeal on your behalf if this is necessary. To find out how the Disability Attorneys of Michigan can assist you, start a live chat to schedule your free consultation.

The disability benefits process is hard enough but waiting is even more challenging. It is essential to have an experienced Social Security Disability lawyer by your side, making sure your case doesn’t fall through the cracks. The Disability Attorneys of Michigan has helped thousands of people win the disability benefits they need. Living with a disability is hard enough, but life is a real struggle without a regular income.

The Disability Attorney You Choose Will Make a Difference.

If you are disabled and unable to work, call Disability Attorneys of Michigan for a free, confidential consultation. We’ll let you know if we can help you get a monthly check and determine if any money or assets you receive could impact your eligibility for disability benefits.

Disability Attorneys of Michigan work hard every day, helping the disabled of Michigan seek the disability benefits they need. If you cannot work due to an injury or disability, call Disability Attorneys of Michigan now for a free consultation at 800-701- 5524.


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