Attorney Lamey’s Decision in HARDVILLE v. Commissioner of Social Security Case Recently Published

Attorney Wesley Lamey

In the recently published decision, HARDVILLE v. Commissioner of Social Security, Civil Action No. 18-CV-12882 (E.D. Mich. Mar. 6, 2019), Attorney Wesley Lamey successfully represented a valued client of the Disability Attorneys of Michigan in front of Senior District Judge Bernard A. Friedman.  This case was remanded due to a flawed residual functional capacity (RFC) evaluation by the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ).

Specifically, the ALJ “failed to consider the side effects of the plaintiff’s medications” and “failed to adequately explain why she dismissed the severity of plaintiff’s cervical pain and why she gave no apparent allowance for this impairment in the RFC evaluation”.

A published decision, such as this, is considered persuasive and thus can influence rulings in similar cases within the same district.

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My attorney was good, professional, and on the ball with my disability case! Very kind and very professional at his job I would recommend him to anyone!

- Chris M.