Can Gaps in Medical Treatment Impact Your SSD Case?

Picture of a patient sitting at desk speaking with a doctor in a lab coat

An applicant’s complete medical records are important pieces of evidence to help prove your case. Therefore, it is critical to continue with your medical treatment and doctor visits to ensure your medical records are up-to-date.

That’s why when there is a gap in treatment in your medical records and no reason is listed, the SSA interprets this as a refusal to seek treatment, which can damage your entire case.

Potential Reasons for Gaps in Medical Treatment

There are a few different reasons as to why applicants may have stopped treatment. These reasons include the following:

Financial Reasons – Medical treatments can be very expensive and sometimes a claimant may cease his or her treatment due to the fact that an applicant can no longer afford it.

Maximum Improvement – At times when patients continue treatment, but no longer see further improvement in their symptoms, the treating physician may decide that you have reached the maximum medical improvement.

Mental Disability/Impairment- An individual may stop receiving treatment as recommended due to a mental disability or impairment.

Make Sure Valid Reasons Behind Gaps are Noted in Your Records

It’s important to keep in mind that continuing medical treatment is critical and it is not advised to stop treatment. If for some reason you have gaps in treatment, it is important to clearly explain why to your doctors to ensure the reasons for the gaps are noted in your medical records.

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