Can You Receive SSD and SSI Benefits At The Same Time?


In certain situations, applicants may qualify for both SSDI (Social Security Disability) and SSI (Supplemental Security Income) benefits, and the Social Security Administration (SSA) will consider it as “concurrent benefits.” 

Two significant similarities that these benefits both share are they have the same standards for disability, and the SSA both administers them. However, being eligible for concurrent benefits isn’t so simple since SSD and SSI have different criteria and sets of qualifications. When considering applying for concurrent benefits, here’s what you need to know.


In general, to receive SSD, you have to have a qualifying mental or physical disability or impairment that has left you unable to do most work for at least a year. In addition, you would need to have sufficient work credits. 

On the other hand, to be eligible for SSI, you need to have a qualifying disability and meet an income level to warrant extra assistance. SSI is needs-based, and unlike SSD, the SSA factors your income and financial standing when determining your benefits.

What’s The Benefit of Applying for SSD and SSI? 

Applicants who are approved for SSD benefits have a 5-month waiting period before benefits start. In certain circumstances, if an applicant’s income meets the standards to qualify for SSI, this person may  receive SSI benefits while waiting for SSD benefits. 

Your Michigan Social Security Disability Team 

Applying for disability benefits can be complicated. It’s important that you hire a skilled 

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