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Carol was a secretary for years, but due to severe back pain, she could no longer work. She had no income and needed social security disability benefits. Carol heard about Disability Attorneys of Michigan and called us for help.

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If you have a physical or mental impairment and are unable to work you may be eligible for disability benefits. Disability Attorneys of Michigan have helped thousands of people win the disability benefits they need. Living with a disability is hard enough, but without income life is a real struggle.

Call Disability Attorneys of Michigan for a free confidential consultation. We’ll speak with you for free and let you know if we can help you get a monthly check. If we do not win your disability case, you owe us nothing. We only get paid if we win your disability benefits.

The Disability Attorneys of Michigan work hard every day helping the disabled of Michigan seek the disability benefits they need. If you are unable to work due to a physical or mental impairment, contact the Disability Attorneys of Michigan now for a free case consultation at 800-949- 2900.

Let Michigan’s Leading Social Security Disability Law Firm Help You Get The Benefits You Deserve.

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My daughter suffers from severe Bi-Polar disorder and other forms of mental illness. She initially applied for disability and was rejected. Ms. Erika Riggs gathered significant supporting information to represent us in my daughter’s hearing and provided additional support as requested by the judge. In court, Erika fought hard to win my daughter’s case and I believe her extra effort on our behalf resulted in the judge understanding the truth in my daughter’s case and gaining her disability benefits that are sorely needed. Without Erika’s knowledge of the process, outstanding presentation to the judge and required supporting information for my daughter’s case, we would not have succeeded. Erika has always kept us informed of pertinent issues and has been totally responsive to any of our requests for information. Thank you Erika you did a great job!!!

- Dennis