Do You Qualify for a Fast-Track Disability Benefits Decision?


When applying for Social Security Disability (SSD), you must quickly familiarize yourself with a handful of new words, phrases, and concepts as you navigate the claims process. One of these to keep in mind is the Social Security Administration’s Compassionate Allowance Program, which speeds up the claims process for qualifying applicants.

Currently, the Compassionate Allowance program has a list of 254 conditions that shorten the processing time for SSDI applications from months to a matter of days. If you are suffering from a disabling condition that entirely prevents you from working or is likely to result in death, here’s what you need to know about your eligibility for Compassionate Allowance.

How Do I Apply for Compassionate Allowance (CAL)?

Fortunately, you don’t need to apply for CAL. As long as you file an SSD or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) claim, the SSA’s software system will automatically identify claims with a qualifying condition for CAL. These conditions include certain types of cancer, immune system and neurodegenerative diseases, and rare genetic disorders. The SSA’s complete list of qualifying conditions for CAL can be found here.

Other Expedited SSD Processes

Social Security has another electronic system called Quick Disability Determination, or QDD, which screens applications filed online for obvious disabilities that qualify for benefits by scanning for specific keywords. This program is also subject to the SSA five-month waiting period.

Additionally, since many applicants of CAL have a form of terminal cancer, the SSA has an additional program to help expedite the claims processes of people suffering from a terminal illness. 

Disability Attorneys You Can Trust With Your Case

It’s far too common for a recent disability to be coupled with financial hardship. That’s why you need an experienced and empathetic Social Security Disability expert in your corner who you can trust. At the Disability Attorneys of Michigan, you can depend on our team during these challenging times. We will stop at nothing to ensure that you receive the benefits that you not only need, but deserve.

Navigating Social Security Disability benefits is a long and complex process, often wrongfully resulting in rejection. However, if you or a loved one has recently become disabled or been diagnosed with a terminal illness, you can turn to the Disability Attorneys of Michigan. Contact us today by filling out and submitting a contact form below or calling our office toll-free at 800-949-2900 for a free case evaluation.


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