How Long of a Wait is Too Long for Those in Need of Social Security Disability Benefits?

Social security disability form with red "denied" stamp with a red "denied" stamp across it

Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits is a long and stressful process that millions of Americans endure each year. The majority of cases are denied the first time around resulting in applicants needing to begin the appeal process all over again.

Each year more than 1 million Americans await a hearing in hopes they will win Disability Benefits; the average wait is almost 2 years before a hearing is scheduled.

For many individuals with poor health and other serious medical conditions, waiting this length of time may mean that they never receive the disability benefits that they need and deserve. In 2016 alone, 7,400 people died while waiting for a hearing to determine their eligibility for disability benefits.

The Social Security Administration is working to make a change in order to reduce the backlog. They plan to hire 500 administrative law judges and over 600 support staff to help shorten the length of time it takes to go through the benefits approval process. They also plan to expand the current program in order to award those with serious illness and conditions in a timelier manner.

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The disability benefits application process is hard enough but waiting is even harder. It is important to have an experienced Social Security Disability lawyer by your side making sure your case doesn’t fall through the cracks.

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I will never forget you and the hard work you did to secure my Social Security Disability benefits. Thank you!

- Christine C.