Medicare and Medicaid for Disability Benefits Recipients

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You may have questions about what health insurance can receive if you are approved for disability benefits. Overall, disabled individuals who have been approved to receive Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) benefits are also entitled to receive Medicare. Those approved for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are entitled to receive Medicaid.

When Do You Start Receiving Medicare or Medicaid?

For SSDI recipients to receive Medicare insurance, they must wait two years from the date of their entitlement. This is the date that Social Security stated a person became eligible to receive benefits, which is five months after the established onset date.

However, SSI recipients are not constrained by a wait period. They can receive Medicaid immediately. This is generally automatically approved in most state, including Michigan, at the time that they have been approved for SSI.

SSI Recipients and Medicare

Individuals who receive SSI generally may not receive Medicare coverage until they are 65-years of age, assuming that they were only entitled to receive monthly SSI disability benefits.

Once one of these individuals has reached the age of 65, they are permitted to file what is called an uninsured Medicare claim. By agreeing to pay medical premiums for an uninsured person to receive Medicare, the state saves costs associated with Medicaid health coverage.

Concurrent Benefit Eligibility

For the minority of individuals who receive disability benefits from both SSDI and SSI, it is not always clear as to whether they are entitled to Medicare or Medicaid. Those claimants who are approved for these concurrent benefits would be best advised to consult with their knowledgeable and experienced Disability Attorney.

Disability Attorneys of Michigan Can Help

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