Oregon Couple Claims SSA Seeks Repayment of Benefits

Disabled man stressed out after SSD benefits were denied.

An older Oregon couple—he with a degenerative muscle disease and she with a rare form of cancer—claim they are now entangled in a battle with the Social Security Administration (SSA) as they battle for their lives. A detailed article on the couple’s claims is available here.

Last year, the SSA sent the couple a letter indicating the agency was reviewing the couple’s Social Security Disability (SSD) payments. Months later, they say the SSA sent another letter in which they announced the discontinuation of the husband’s SSD and Medicare benefits—which they stated in fine print should have ended last summer.

According to the couple, the SSA is also demanding the return of over $18,000 in benefits received since that time. When they tried to apply for a waiver of the repayment requirement, the couple claims the SSA told them to consider selling their house and car.

About SSD Benefits

Currently, applicants who have been approved by the SSA to receive SSD benefits receive, on average, $1,197 each month. The typical range for monthly payments is between $700 and $1,700. The SSA reviews and approves each case on an individual basis. The SSA considers previous earnings, current earnings and an applicant’s dependents—if any—when assigning a value to a claim.

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