Proposed Social Monitoring Initiative to Reduce Social Security Disability Fraud

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A proposal to enable the Social Security Administration to monitor Social Security Disability (SSD) applicant and recipient social media accounts is in the works. The goal of the proposal would be to reduce fraudulent disability claims.

There is opposition to this, as some advocacy groups believe that monitoring social media profiles is not a clear way to determine if a person is disabled.

In light of this proposal, we take a closer look at the percentage of SSD fraud, what programs are implemented currently to prevent fraud and other elements of the federal disability application process that should be addressed.

How Prevalent is Social Security Disability Fraud?

The Social Security Administration’s website addresses fraud, stating that it “works aggressively to prevent, detect, and prosecute fraud” and reports that due to their efforts, there is a“fraud incidence rate that is a fraction of one percent.”

What is the Social Security Administration Doing to Prevent Fraud?

The SSA mentions its Cooperative Disability Investigation Program, which proactively investigates suspicious claims before benefits are awarded. The projected savings in 2018 was $188.5 million.

The Bottom Line 

There are instances of fraud where the beneficiary unethically withholds information to receive benefits, there are also corrupt judges and case reviewers motivated by greed. SSD fraud from all sources is wrong, and should be addressed and combatted.

However, it is unfair to the thousands of severely disabled Americans who are waiting to hear if they are approved for benefits, or have fairly secured benefits to face unfair judgment because certain people are being corrupt and showing the program in a negative light. The Social Security Disability program is important to have in place as a safety net for those who dutifully worked for years and have become disabled.

How Else Can The Social Security Administration Improve its Disability Processes?

In addition to eliminating fraud, the system should be improved in order to make the process easier to navigate for applicants who are in dire need of benefits. The average wait time for an appeal was 595 days in 2018, nearly two years of waiting, which is unacceptable.

How Strict is the Process to Obtain Benefits?

The Social Security Administration’s definition of disability is strict, as an applicant must have a serious medical condition that is expected to last for at least one year, or is a terminal illness, to be considered for benefits. In addition, the process of applying for benefits can be complicated and time-consuming.

In fact, 70% of initial SSD claims are denied. The next step is to request a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge, yet approximately half of the claims are rejected at this point. Due to the backlog in appeals, unfortunately, 10,002 people died waiting for a decision for their social security benefits in 2017.

Why Applicants Should Turn to an Experienced SSD Lawyer

The process is complex and confusing, which is why those interested in applying for SSD should partner with an experienced SSD attorney with a proven track record in order to guide applicants through the entire application or appeals process to help them obtain benefits.

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