My Case Was Denied Twice by the SSA, DA Michigan Helped Me Win

I had already been turned down twice, so I appealed it the second time by myself. It wasn’t too shortly after I knew I was in over my head and needed help fast. I started calling around and no one would take my case across Michigan. I was very disheartened and thought I would give it one more try. Even though Disability Attorneys of Michigan said the same thing, it was the point where I explained my medical work restrictions and the two years of medical files I kept with me from start of me not able to return to work. Due to  the information, I kept all along they gladly accepted the case. It has been a long 3 1/2 year since the date of my injury, but these attorneys fought hard for me. My process with the attorney from start to finish was about 1 1/2 year I would say. These people are highly knowledgeable and very professional. They will call you back within 24 hours guaranteed. My case manager and lawyer, I will never be able to thank you enough for enduring my case and bringing my family the much desperate need of financial help. Please if anyone needs help, give them a call. I was sure I was done for, until I called them. Again, THANK YOU and God bless your organization.

I will never forget you and the hard work you did to secure my Social Security Disability benefits. Thank you!

- Christine C.