In our second edition of The Disability Report, we provide timely statistics, blog articles and resources on a variety of important disability benefits topics.

Get the Latest Statistics: 

  • How COVID-19 Has Affected Disability Benefits, Disability Hearings and SSA Mail Processing
  • Who Collects SSD & SSI Benefits
  • How Age and Gender Affect Disability Benefits

Read Our Timely Blogs:  

  • The 2022 Cost-of-Living Adjustment
  • The SSI Restoration Act
  • Michigan Financial Assistance Resources

Check Out Our Resources: 

  • The Social Security Disability Guide
  • Disability Benefits Myth Fact Quiz
  • Disability Benefit FAQ Videos

At Disability Attorneys of Michigan, we want to provide you with the latest statistics on Social Security Disability, as well as helpful resources to educate and guide you through the process.

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