The Top 5 Reasons Your Disability Claim May Be Denied

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When applying for disability benefits, it’s important to know the main reasons claims can be denied in order to avoid these mistakes. Here are 5 main reasons why your disability claim may be denied.

1. You have a short-term disability

In order to qualify for disability benefits, an applicant must meet the SSA’s definition of disability.

The inability to work due to a physical or mental impairment, which has lasted or can be expected to last for a continuous period of no less than 12 months.

2. You are still employed.

In order to be eligible for SSD, an individual cannot have income exceeding the Substantial Gainful Activity Allowance. For 2020, this is more than $1,260 (or $2,110 if you are blind.)

3. You did not provide enough medical evidence.

Every applicant must provide extensive medical documents that clearly demonstrate his or her inability to work because of their health status. If you do not provide a significant enough amount of documentation to the SSA, your SSDI claim may be denied.

4. You did not complete your recommended treatment plan.

You should always follow medical treatment from your doctor and take prescribed medications as this is crucial to your health. Also, if you do not follow your treatment plan, it may be difficult for an examiner to decipher whether your inability to work stems from your disability, or if it is because you didn’t follow your medical treatment.

5. You didn’t consult with a qualified disability attorney.

An experienced disability attorney is knowledgeable about the entire disability process and is there to help guide you through every step of the way. Trying to handle the complicated process on your own can be overwhelming. A skilled lawyer can apply their skills and help ensure you have a higher chance of being approved for benefits.

Let The Disability Attorneys of Michigan Help You

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