West Bloomfield Veterans Disability Attorneys

Benefits for Michigan Veterans

Few firms have the dedication and skills necessary to handle claims before the Department of Veterans Affairs. Disability Attorneys of Michigan is a firm with a strong reputation for providing excellent service.

Our West Bloomfield Attorneys are dedicated to representing Veterans in their fight for the federal disability benefits they so rightfully deserve. Whether you have been denied disability, or you believe you deserve a higher rating, Disability Attorneys of Michigan can handle your appeal at any stage of the process.

With Attorneys accredited to handle cases before the Department of Veterans Affairs, Board of Veterans’ Appeals, and the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, you can trust that you will get the highest level of representation possible.

We fight for disabled veterans who had the courage to fight for us!

  • Agent Orange
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder “PTSD”
  • Traumatic Brain Injury “TBI”
  • Disability Compensation for Service Connection
  • Non Service Connected Pension Benefits
  • Secondary Service Connected Claims
  • Dependency and Indemnity Compensation
  • Individual Unemployability and more!

When disabled veterans should appeal

  • There are several different time limits to filing an appeal with an adverse decision from VA.
  • If you received a Rating Decision from the Department of Veterans Affairs…
  • You have the option to file a Notice of Disagreement to appeal this decision. A Notice of Disagreement must be filed within 1 year from the date of the mailing of the VA notice to the claimant of the adverse Rating Decision.
  • If you received a Statement of the Case
  • You can file a VA Form 9, Appeal to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals. The VA Form 9 must be filed with the VA Regional Office within 60 days of receipt of the Statement of the Case, or within the remainder of the one-year period from the date of mailing of the Rating Decision by the VA Regional Office, whichever period ends later.
  • If you received a denial from the Board of Veterans’ Appeals

If you disagree with the final decision from the Board of Veterans’ Appeals and want to appeal, you must file a Notice of Appeal to the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims within 120 days after the date the Board of Veterans’ Appeals mailed a copy of its final decision. That date which is stamped on the front of the decision.

Read Our Client Testimonials:

“I called inquiring about what it would take to get my disability/SSI. They told me I had to simply apply the first time, and I would most likely get turned down and then call them back and they would handle it! So I did, and boy am I glad I did! Just a few days ago, I was awarded my SSI for mental illnesses. Samantha J. Ball took on my case head on!! She was a really great attorney as well as a very nice person! At the same time, she was perfect for my case I know that!!! I’m very grateful for her, she helped me so much!! I cant stress that enough. She was perfect!!! Kind, helpful, and thorough with everything. Job well done!!! A+++++ Thank you!” – Nathan, West Bloomfield MI

“Professional, knowledgeable, timely and always responsive. All phases: reception desk, associates, my Lawyer (Randall Mansour) were nothing short of perfect! The greatest choice I made in filing for and winning my disability case was choosing Disability Attorneys of Michigan!” – Mark R., West Bloomfield MI



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