What Does a Partially Favorable Decision Mean?

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When there are certain questions or disagreements surrounding when your disability began, or how long it is expected to last, you may find yourself receiving what is known as a partially favorable decision. But what exactly does that mean?

There are two different types of partially favorable decisions. The first type is for a closed period of time, while the other is for an adjustment as to the onset date of your disability.

Closed Period of Disability

A closed period of disability means that you are found to be disabled, but only for a certain amount of time. In such a situation you will receive benefits for this period of time, but will not receive ongoing benefits.

Disagreements Over Alleged Disability Onset Date

The second type of a partially favorable decision essentially means that although a judge does find you are disabled, he or she does not think that you were disabled as early on as you have alleged. The judge will issue a new Established Onset Date of when your disability began, which is different from your Alleged Onset Date. This date is critical to determining the amount of retroactive benefits you are awarded.

The Appeals Process

It is important to note that you always have the right to appeal, though it carries with it some risks. When you appeal it goes to the SSA Appeals Council, which has the potential l for reversing the favorable decision.

If you receive this decision, it is critical you consult with your experienced Social Security Disability Lawyer in order to determine the best course of action.

And remember, your skilled disability attorney will work tirelessly for you throughout the entire process to help ensure the most favorable decision can be reached.

The Disability Attorneys of Michigan Can Help

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