What Happens to My Social Security Benefits When I Reach Retirement Age?

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When someone receiving disability benefits reaches the age of full retirement, there are two major changes that will occur. First, your benefits will no longer be paid out via Social Security Disability, but rather through SSA’s retirement program. Fortunately, you will not have to deal with any interruption of payment during this period of transition. And secondly, the benefits that you receive will no longer be subject to earning limits. These rules no longer apply, but instead, fall under the retirement guidelines. Therefore whereas you could not previously, now you can increase your earnings with part-time or supplemental income without a reduction in your benefits.

How Are Benefits Calculated?

The amount of standard full retirement benefits that you will receive from the SSA is dependent upon how much you contributed to Social Security over the course of your employment. This is the same with disability benefits, so your monthly payment will not change due to the transition from SSD to retirement benefits.

Can You Apply for Early Retirement Benefits?

People are able to apply and start receiving early retirement benefits at the age of 62. But for individuals who are disabled and are receiving SSD benefits, this is not an option. These individuals must instead continue to receive SSD benefits until they reach the age of full retirement. Then they will be automatically transitioned to retirement benefits.

What is the Age of Full Retirement?

While many believe the age of full retirement to be 65, this is not always the case. Actually, only those born in 1937 or earlier are considered to be the full age of retirement at 65. The rest of us will likely hit full retirement age at a later time. The majority of current SSD beneficiaries will reach the age of full retirement at 67 (those born in 1960 or after).

Although the SSA has adjusted the age of full retirement over the years, it is ultimately based upon your date of birth.

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