Why It’s Critical to Turn to a Skilled SSD Lawyer


While these are uncertain times, if you are looking to apply for disability benefits you should reach out to a skilled Social Security Disability lawyer as soon as possible in order to help improve your chances of approval.

How Can a Disability Attorney Help Me?

The Social Security Disability process can be quite complex and confusing. If you have a disability, you may feel overwhelmed and alone. However, you likely are eligible for benefits, and it’s important to take the steps necessary to help obtain the benefits you deserve.

Fortunately, hiring the right disability attorney can make an impactful difference. While applying for SSD and can prove to be very difficult, a qualified disability attorney understands the system inside and out and has the experience and skill to help with your case.

In addition, a skilled disability lawyer will have your best interest at heart and will be personally invested in your case. He or she should walk you through the entire process, answering questions and keeping you informed every step of the way.

Should your disability case require an appeal at a disability hearing, your attorney can help you prepare for your hearing and provide strong representation.

Can I Still Reach Out to an Attorney During These Times?

At the Disability Attorneys of Michigan, we remain dedicated and committed to helping serve our clients during this difficult time.

Protecting the health of our community is our main priority. We continue to operate at full-scale and are still accepting new cases. We want to ensure you are safe, and our team is working hard and handling cases remotely.

If you have been denied disability benefits or have questions about applying, call us at 800-701-5524 to schedule a free consultation today.


I will never forget you and the hard work you did to secure my Social Security Disability benefits. Thank you!

- Christine C.