Social Security Administration

The Top 5 Questions the Social Security Administration Looks at When Determining if Someone is Disabled

collage of man in wheel chair, disability form and social security card

When applying for Social Security Disability (SSD) many get overwhelmed by the complexity of the paperwork and the time it takes to wade through it. Millions of Americans apply for disability benefits each year and many get denied the first time around. Most ask the question, “How does the Social Security Administration decide If I…

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Top 5 Things You Need to Know to Increase Your Chances for SSD Application Approval

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Do you suffer from an injury or illness that prevents you from working like you did before or this injury keeps you from adjusting to a new line of work? Are you worried about your eligibility of qualifying for Social Security Disability benefits? If so, chances are you are not alone. The Social Security Administration…

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Top 3 Ways Veterans and Social Security Disability Applicants Can Start the 2017 New Year in Michigan

Veterans standing next to each other at event, smiling for a photo

When a new year starts, we all make resolutions. We set goals and think of ways we can improve our health and our financial security. A year from now, we want to look back on 2017 with a feeling of satisfaction, knowing we did the best we could do. If you suffer from a disability,…

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New Evidence Rule for Michigan Disability Claims

social security form and card

On March 20, 2015, the Social Security Administration (SSA) published new rulings on the submission of evidence, including evidence that may be adverse, for disability claims. Prior to the new regulation, claimants were only required to submit “material” evidence that proves disability. This new regulation, however, removes the materiality standard and requires claimants to inform…

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A Closer Look at Initial Level Disability Applications

A senior economist with the SSA recently evaluated the impact of demographics, diagnoses, and local unemployment rates for both SSDI and SSI cases at the initial application level.[i] The probability of an initial allowance was found to be affected by these factors. For example, regarding demographics, older SSDI and SSI adult applicants are more likely to…

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DOMA and Social Security Benefits for the Disabled

gavel and scales of justice on desk in office with a library

On June 26, 2013, the Supreme Court issued its controversial decision in United States v. Windsor, invalidating the definition of marriage formerly established by the DOMA laws. Consequently, the Social Security Administration (SSA) is no longer prohibited from recognizing same-sex marriage for determining benefits. The Acting Commissioner of Social Security, Carolyn W. Colvin, issued a statement…

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