Age matters because Social Security designed their regulations to treat people claiming disability differently based on their age. A poor single mother of a severely handicapped child faces a drastically different test than a former delivery driver approaching his 60th birthday. Adults are typically viewed in terms of whether they can work, with several exceptions. Those tests are irrelevant for children.

Did you know that more than 25 percent of all 20-year-old Americans will become disabled before they reach the age of 67? According to the U.S. Social Security Administration (SSA), this fact is accurate, but it’s not something that most people like to think about until they need disability benefits.

Your age plays a significant role in your Social Security Disability claim being approved or denied. At each age special rules come into consideration. As someone gets closer to retirement age (65) their age is more of a consideration during the process. Thus, largely benefiting someone who has relatively more functional limitations, but less education and fewer job skills. The government takes into consideration your age in order to properly evaluate your claim. This comes into consideration once your condition is classified as severe resulting in your inability to return to work.

Those who have reached age 50 have a higher chance of their claim being accepted, due to the fact that a new career path for them will be harder to obtain.


The amount the Social Security Administration will pay out depends on your age and the number of years you have been paying into social security taxes. The SSA pays these benefits on a monthly basis. If there has been a delay between the onset of your disability and the start of your benefits payments, you may be eligible to receive “back pay” as well.

In order to qualify for either SSDI or SSI benefits in Michigan, you will need to establish that you have a physical or mental condition that meets the SSA’s definition of a “disability.”

The Disability Attorneys of Michigan can review your case and determine which Social Security disability benefits program is the best option for you and your loved ones. We can also help you to apply for these benefits and pursue an appeal if your application has been initially denied.

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