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Disclaimer: These legal Q&A videos are informational only and are not intended to provide legal advice. Please consult an attorney regarding your specific situation with Social Security Disability in Michigan

What is SSDI?

What is SSI?

 What is the definition of disability used by Social Security?

 Who decides if I am disabled?

Am I entitled to past-due benefits?

Do I have to be permanently disabled to get SSD benefits?

How do I apply for SSD benefits?

How do I qualify for SSD benefits?

How long do I have to apply?

How long do I have to wait after becoming disabled before I can file for SSD benefits?

How long does an application for SSD take and what are the steps?

Where do they hold SSD and SSI hearings?

Can letters from friends and family help me at a SSD or SSI hearing?

How do I appeal my claim for SSD or SSI disability benefits if it is denied?

How long does it take for Social Security to act upon a request for appeals council review?

How long will it take to get a decision after a SSD hearing?

What do I need to have with me at a disability hearing?

What happens after a SSD hearing has been held?

What is the SSD hearing like?

What kind of evidence is used to evaluate and decide my disability benefit claim?

What should I do if a SSD claim is denied?

How do attorneys who represent SSD claimants get paid?

How far back will Social Security pay benefits if I am found disabled?

How long will I be able to receive SSD benefits?

How much money will I get?

I am 60% disabled. Do I get 60% of my SSD benefits?

I am disabled by mental illness. Can mental illness serve as the basis for a SSD claim?

If a person suffers a long term or permanent injury, what is the process for receiving SSD?

Must I wait until my sick leave is exhausted before applying for SSD benefits?

My doctor says I am disabled. So why is Social Security denying my claim?

What happens to my SSD benefits if I am able to return to work?