Despite the fact that your need for Social Security disability benefits is likely immediate, you may have to wait months—or even more than a year—to begin receiving your benefit amount if your claim is approved. The following provides an overview regarding what you need to know about the timeline for the decision process and receiving benefits when applying for Social Security disability benefits in Michigan.

How Long Does the Social Security Application Process Take?

Waiting for the Social Security Administration (SSA) to make a claim decision can be an extremely frustrating process. In part, this is because the SSA does not place an exact date or time frame on how long a claim will take to process. While the SSA claims that the average disability application takes between three and five months to process, it can take up to two years for benefits to be awarded in some cases.

Checking your SSI Disability Benefits Status

If you haven’t heard from the SSA and you submitted your application more than two to three months ago, it is within your best interest to check your claim’s status. To do this, visit the Social Security Administration’s Application Status Information page. You will need to know your Social Security number and your application confirmation number. However, having an experienced and dedicated SSD attorney in Michigan on your side will ensure that your claim is proactively and efficiently developed, keeping you informed along the way.

What Is the Five-Month Waiting Period?

Once you receive a letter from the SSA informing you that your Social Security Disability claim has been approved, you may be entitled to payment of back benefits that began accruing in the sixth month after the onset of your disability. In other words, you may receive backpay for the period between the sixth month after the onset of your disability and the date your claim is approved. If your claim is approved within the first five months after your onset date, then there would not be backpay.

Social Security Disability Backpay

While the disability application and approval process can be lengthy and overwhelming, there is some good news; in most disability cases, an approved claimant is entitled to disability backpay, or past-due benefits, in addition to their monthly payment and insurance coverage. In some cases, disability backpay will be paid from the month following your application filing. In other cases, you may be able to recover benefits from the date that your disability began, subject to some restrictions. Medical records play a crucial role in determining the severity of your disability, as well as how far back your benefits could begin. An experienced Michigan social security disability attorney can advise you about any past due benefits that you may be entitled to.

What Can I Do If My SSD Claim Is Denied?

Waiting months to hear back from the SSA only to receive notice that your claim has been denied can be devastating. In fact, some people recall throwing away their denial letter and giving-up altogether. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel! If you have been denied disability in Michigan, you should file an appeal as soon as possible (and must file within 60 days of the denial date) to preserve your appeal rights and avoid losing out on the benefits you deserve.

Our Michigan Social Security Attorneys Can Help

To ensure that your Social Security disability application is processed as quickly as possible, you should consult with an experienced Social Security disability lawyer prior to submitting your application. An attorney who is skilled in disability law knows what the SSA is looking for, and can help you file an application that meets all of the SSA’s disability criteria.

For assistance in filing your claim, or appealing a denied claim, the experienced social security lawyers in Michigan at the Disability Attorneys of Michigan™ want to represent you. To learn more, contact the Disability Attorneys of Michigan today for a free case consultation by calling 800-949-2900.