For those who are waiting for benefits and those currently receiving benefits, we have included helpful resources for food, shelter, healthcare, mental health and more. This page also provides a list of locations that offer Social Security Disability Clinics that can assist you with any questions or issues you might have with your Social Security Disability benefits.

Food Bank

The Food Bank Council of Michigan (FBCM) is a non-profit organization established in 1984 with the mission of advocating for a food secure state and addressing and alleviating hunger statewide by increasing emergency food supplies. The FBCM comprises regional food banks that donate millions of pounds of surplus produce, fruits, and other grocery products to over 3,000 local agencies in each of Michigan’s 83 counties.

Community Housing Network

Community Housing Network (CHN), a non-profit agency based in SE Michigan, offers housing and housing services to the homeless or at risk of being homeless and people with disabilities, low-income tenants, and other disadvantaged residents. They also build and sustain high-quality rental residential communities with beautiful and affordable homes for hardworking families and individuals.

Application for Medicaid and State Disability Assistance

When times are difficult, the Department of Health and Human Services will support you and your family with temporary assistance. Those seeking benefits may apply online for cash aid, WIC, State Emergency Relief (SER), food assistance, healthcare coverage, and child development and care, among other services.

Free Government Cell Phones

The Lifeline Phone Service Program is a federally funded and operated program that provides free government mobile phones to financially disadvantaged Michigan residents. Many of the free cell phone companies in Michigan have different plans with different numbers of minutes, refill options and serve different geographic areas.

Stay Well Michigan Resource for Mental Health

The Stay Well Michigan website offers online support groups, phone and text helplines, mental wellbeing webinars, behavioral health guides, and online resources for mental health.

Here to Help Foundation

Here to Help was established in 2007, and has provided services to more than 10,000 Wayne and Oakland County residents. The organization provides various services to those in need, such as rental, utility and transportation assistance. Additional forms of support include mental health counseling, support groups, computer training, financial literacy and more. The website includes a multitude of heartwarming success stories and thank you letters from those who were impacted. There are a variety of eligibility requirements, including that you must be receiving SSD or SSI benefits.

Water Residential Assistance Program (WRAP)

The Water Residential Assistance Program provides funding to eligible homeowners to help with water bills, as well as water conservation and self-sufficiency. The program offers varying benefits based on eligibility and location. WRAP is offered to eligible residents in Monroe County, Washtenaw County, Wayne County, Macomb County, Oakland County, Genesee County and Lapeer County.

The Macomb Homeless Coalition

The Macomb Homeless Coalition is a network of non-profit organizations, agencies, business leaders and more that provide services to those who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. The coalition’s services include emergency shelter, transitional housing, specialized housing programs, youth services, family support services, supportive case management and a homeless prevention program.

Community Solutions

Community Solutions is a non-profit organization with a mission to eliminate homelessness. As part of Built for Zero, the organization works with more than 80 cities and counties with data-driven solutions to end homelessness. Contact Community Solutions at 313-595-1166. 


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I will never forget you and the hard work you did to secure my Social Security Disability benefits. Thank you!

- Christine C.