You will not be charged any money upfront to partner with an SSD lawyer.

  • Only if your case is won, a portion of the back pay you are due will be allocated to the attorney representing you
  • The Social Security Administration regulates the legal fees for attorneys representing claimants before the SSA

Updates to Fee Structure 2022

  • Since 2009, the fee has been set as 25% of the past-due benefits (back pay). If this percentage was more than $6,000, due to the fee cap, the fee would not exceed $6,000
  • Effective Nov. 30, 2022, the fee cap will increase to $7,200. Therefore, the fee will be 25% of back pay with a maximum cap at $7,200
  • Acting SSA Commissioner, Dr. Kilolo Kijakazi announced the increase, due to cost of living and other economic factors

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