Choosing the right social security disability lawyers is critical when you are dealing with Social Security; it can be an overwhelming process. There are several reasons why Disability Attorneys of Michigan™ is the right choice for you.

Social Security is Our Specialty

Disability Attorneys of Michigan specializes in all aspects of Social Security Disability claims. Each lawyer is extensively trained in the entire process and in the representation of numerous disabling conditions, both physical and psychological. Physical impairments may include: back injuries; cancer; heart conditions; HIV/AIDS; epilepsy; or complications with diabetes. Psychological impairments may include: bipolar; organic mental disorders; post-traumatic stress disorder; schizophrenia; autism; or somatoform disorders. Regardless of the condition, Disability Attorneys of Michigan know how to best represent your case.

Your Local SSD Experts

Bigger isn’t always better. The appeal and prestige of a regional or national firm can be enticing, but at the end of the day, your hearing is held in a local Michigan hearing office. We represent clients every day in local Michigan hearing offices, we know how to prepare for your hearing and what to expect.

Personalized Michigan Representation

Disability Attorneys of Michigan is more than just a firm of attorneys. We provide the best representation possible for every client by investing our time, energy and resources into every case.

Our firm is organized to give every client the best support possible. Each client’s case is handled by an attorney and his/her team. So, even if your attorney is out of the office for a hearing or appointment, your attorney’s team will be available to respond to urgent matters.

Please contact the Disability Attorneys of Michigan now for a free case consultation by filling out the form below, or call us at 800-949-2900.