There’s good news if you’ve reached the age of 50 and filing for disability. The good news can also apply to those under the age of 50 who will turn 50 during the time their appeal is pending. These rules can make the difference between winning and losing your case, so as important as it may be to move quickly, it’s even more important to to have the right information when filing your claim.

The difference between winning and losing a claim can come down to how you describe your past jobs. It can also come down to whether your doctor was given the opportunity to adequately support your claim, and both of these situations are even more important for those who will be 50 or older during any part of their claim.

Another important distinction is that the law relates to those who are 50 and older, and not just those, “over 50,” as described on many attorney ads and websites. It’s sloppy thinking for attorneys handling disability appeals to misquote the law and, if they really think the law only applies to those over 50 they are costing their clients money. We know better.

The special rules apply at ages 50, 55 and 60 because Social Security recognized that it becomes far more difficult for someone 50 years of age, or older, to begin a new career path after being injured. When the skills necessary for employment are lacking, the benefits of these rules may apply, and a highly trained law firm handling nothing but disability claims can help make the difference.

What to Consider When Applying

Are you a do-it-yourselfer? I’ve seen people who wouldn’t paint their own bedroom, undertake to represent themselves before the Social Security Administration. Some claims are won without representation, but the odds are in your favor when represented by highly competent attorneys and our goal is to make a difference.

Do you have the time and energy? Some people battling physical and emotional disabilities want all of their energies focused on healing. Between therapy, taking longer to navigate simple household chores, and remembering to take all medications as prescribed, they just want to hand the intricacies of the disability claim process off to an expert.

Do you have the attention to detail? Most attorneys in our firm spent months, or years, honing their skills before ever appearing in court, learning with supervision from veteran disability attorneys. By the time they ever walk into a courtroom terms of art like, “the grid regulations,” “the listings,” and “substantial gainful activity,” are deeply embedded. The phrase, “A little knowledge is dangerous,” can apply and knowing a few things about disability doesn’t mean knowing it all. The choice ultimately belongs to the consumer but we believe in what we do and are confident we make a difference.

Whether you are applying for benefits or appealing a denied claim, it important to know how your age can be the leading factor in your claim. We deal with the Social Security system every day. We know what it takes for a claim to be approved – whether at the application stage or after an initial denial. We are ready to put our experience to work for you.

For assistance in filing your claim, or appealing a denied claim, the experienced social security lawyers in Michigan at the Disability Attorneys of Michigan want to represent you. To learn more, contact the Disability Attorneys of Michigan today for a free case consultation by calling 800-949-2900.