Can Alcohol or Drug Use Impact My Disability Claim?


The Social Security Administration no longer awards disability benefits for those who are solely struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. But what happens if you are disabled and you, are struggling with substance abuse as well? Can you still receive benefits?

Is Your Disability Caused or Worsened By Addiction?

As stated, the SSA will not grant disability benefits to those who have disabilities that were caused by addiction. In addition, the SSA will not award benefits if your disability or disabilities are worsened by substance abuse, such as abuse of prescription drugs, illicit drugs and alcohol.

If you have an addiction that is not related to your disability or condition for which you are filing, the SSA may grant you disability benefits. However, you must meet the SSA’s strict guidelines for disability. This includes having medical records for a disability that is expected to last for at least a year or is terminal.

Are You in Recovery?

If you are in recovery for an addiction, you should work with your doctors and a skilled Michigan SSD attorney. This will help ensure you have the evidence to properly support your claim.

Let The Disability Attorneys of Michigan Help You

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