Can I Qualify for SNAP Benefits While Collecting SSI?


For many disabled Americans, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) provides necessary funds to support their household. Similarly, Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as food stamps, helps these individuals access the food and groceries they need. Often, recipients of these federally funded agencies wonder if they qualify for additional assistance. Fortunately, these beneficiaries may be able to collect both SSI and SNAP benefits as long as they meet their respective requirements.

Income Requirements for SSI and SNAP Benefits

If you qualify, SNAP benefits are issued every month in the form of an electronic benefits transfer card. Your SSI and SNAP Benefits eligibility depends on your monthly income and resources. SSI recipients must meet income and asset thresholds to collect benefits. This year, the SSI income limit for a single person is $841 per month and $1,261 for married couples. 

Your gross income (income before taxes) and net income (after taxes) must meet the required State limits to qualify for SNAP benefits while collecting SSI. In addition, your resources, such as cash or money in a bank account, affect your eligibility for SNAP benefits. Currently, qualifying households for SNAP benefits have no more than $2,250 in resources. For the disabled and people over 60, any resources over $3,500 do not qualify for SNAP benefits.

How Do You Apply for SNAP Benefits? 

If you are currently receiving SSI benefits, you can visit a Social Security Office and fill out and submit an application. The SSA can also help you complete a SNAP application over the phone. 

Disability Attorneys Making a Difference in Michigan

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