How Far Back Will Social Security Pay Benefits If I am Found Disabled?

Social Security Disability form and Social Security card

Millions of American’s wait months even years for a hearing in order to determine if they qualify for disability benefits. The average wait time is almost two years and in some cases longer than some will live.

The wait process is a long and brutal one for those suffering from a disability and in need of help. Many wonder “How far back will social security pay benefits if I am found disabled?”

 When it comes to back pay for those found disabled Social Security Disability is a little different than SSI in this area. Social Security Disability will pay benefits back up to one year from the date of application provided that the Social Security finds that you were disabled that far back in time.

SSI will only pay back benefits as of the date of application, but will only pay back full months. For example, if an applicant applied for SSI payments on September 2nd the effective date for payments would be October 1st or the 1st of the month following the protective filing date.

It is important to not let the amount of time it takes to be granted SSD benefits to discourage you. If you have detailed medical records and an experienced team of Social Security Disability lawyers by your side the process will be less intimidating.

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