What Can Cause Your SSD Benefits to be Stopped?

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Winning Social Security Disability Benefits is a major milestone for those who are disabled. However, once awarded, it is important to keep in mind they are not guaranteed forever. In fact, there are certain factors that could lead to their termination. Let’s take a closer look.

Your Medical Condition Improves

SSD is designed for those individuals with disabilities, but if your medical condition improves and you are no longer considered as disabled, your benefits can be stopped.

To determine this, the Social Security Administration (SSA) uses the Continuing Disability Review process. Beneficiaries whose claim is being reviewed will receive notification in the mail and must provide the SSA with relevant information about their condition, such as documentation of any treatments that they have recently received.

If it is determined that your condition has improved, you will receive another notification in the mail informing you of the last date of your benefits. Please note that you do have the opportunity to appeal. If it is determined that your condition has not improved, your review will be closed without any changes to your benefits.

You Go Back to Work

Individuals receive SSD due to the fact that their disability prevents them from working. However, if you go back to work or if you bring in a certain level of income your benefits could end.

For 2019, if you earn over $880 per month, you will trigger a trial work period month. This is a nine-month period (not necessarily consecutive) over 60 months that enables the recipient to try working while still receiving the full amount of their benefits. After you have exhausted this period, you will not receive benefits for any month that you earn over the Substantial Gainful Activity threshold of $1,220 (in 2019).

You Become Institutionalized or Incarcerated

Since SSD is meant to help with basic living conditions, those who have their living conditions paid for by someone else may have their benefits terminated. Those who can demonstrate that they will be institutionalized for less than 90 days may be able to keep their benefits. However, those who are convicted of certain felonies may have their benefits terminated regardless of incarceration.

You Reach the Age of Retirement

Those who reach the age of retirement and therefore receive retirement benefits cannot also receive SSD simultaneously.

Your Living Situation Changes

If you enter or leave a nursing home, assisted living facility, or similar institution, it may cause a reduction or termination of your benefits.

Your Assets/Income Surpass the Limit

Your SSD benefits can be terminated if you have non-exempt assets of over $2,000 as a single claimant, or $3,000 as a married claimant. The following can be counted as a part of this:

  • Spouse’s income
  • Parental income
  • Free food or shelter
  • Certain assets

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